Knowing that Power Usually Corrupts those that seek it, our Founders Gave "US" the power. "WE" don't have to seek it. "WE" don't have to earn it.  "We The People" are "Organized" through our Constitution, thereby allowing "US" to govern ourselves. Then we became "WE". 

​"  Survival  "

​The Last S

​" Seperation "


Our Founding Fathers  wanted our Country to Stand Apart, Different and "Seperate", from the control and opression of all other governments on the Planet. Thus, we formulated our "Declaration of Independance"

In the begining, before we were "WE"."We the People" had a Tea Party. Then, we rounded up a few of our close friends, associates, fellow colinests and elders from around about, and had a Revolt. The Reveloution yielded "US" Our S.O.S.

​The First S

​​​​About Us. "we"

​The O

" We The People "  " We  Are The Power " Use It or Loose It !

To ensure our Survival, Both as a new Country and as a people, "We" brought forth the "Bill of Rights". I believe that these rights are recorded in order of importance, but, that's just my take on it.

​" Organization "​